Mission Statement

Our Mission is to ensure accountability and other improvements in the delivery of justice through the enforcement of rules and standards, and the development of an independent justice system committed to reform, working in conjunction with other justice stakeholders.

Vision Statement: Our Vision is to build, A Judiciary of our dream, a Cathedral of Justice, truly independent, transparent judiciary committed to upholding and committed to upholding the rule of law, equity and restoring hope to all manner of men.

Our Integrity: Ogun State Judiciary has been operating within the full complement of its Rules and has contributed immensely towards the development of legal jurisprudence in Nigeria and in particular, Ogun State through its array of legal luminaries on either of the Benches.



Online Search: System provides a search facility to search the case information like case detail, party details and case status etc...

Online Reports: The JIS generates reports which includes case management report, data management reports, case statistical reports, case against reports, case Profile and history reports, Closed case reports in a specific period of time, etc.

Case Registration: The Ogun State High Court JIS provides capability to register a new case by an authorized user. System captures all parties' information related to the case. The JIS generates a case number dynamically based on the case type. Users also have the ability of uploading pre-filled forms and other related documents.

E-Payment: The JIS accepts the case fee electronically. Once case registration is successful, the system calculates case fee automatically using court rules. The system maintains all E-Payment transactions status and history.