The Administration of Justice Committee in Ogun State has again reiterated its readiness to reduce the level of awaiting trial inmates in all Prison Formations in the State.

The Chief Judge and Chairman of Administration of Justice Committee in the State, Hon. Justice Olatokunbo Olopade disclosed this during the presentation of the newly appointed High Court Judges to the Bar, Bench and the Public held at the State High Court Headquarters, Abeokuta recently.

Justice Olatokunbo said the Administration of Justice Committee is working hard to reduce the Awaiting Trial inmates in the Prisons in Ogun State as additional Court has been designated to sit over Criminal Cases at the Abeokuta Division of the State High Court.

She therefore appealed to the Investigating Police Officers across the state to make use of the already set up Criminal Justice Fast Track Clinics in all the three Senatorial Districts of the State for Duplication of Police Case files to enable the Director of Public Prosecutions to determine within a short period of time who should be prosecuted amongst the Awaiting Trial inmates.

Justice Olapade noted that a situation whereby witnesses and Accused persons cannot be served Court processes and Summons by the Police and where witnesses cannot be mobilized to give evidence in Court contribute a great deal to delay in criminal trials

The Hon. CJ however urged the State Attorney – General, whom she commended for doing much for the Administration of Justice in the State, to look seriously into the issue of Witness Funds in respect of Criminal Cases before the Courts.

As stakeholder in the Administration of Criminal Justice in the State, the Hon. CJ enjoined the Prisons Officials to also wake up to their duties and ensures that Accused Persons are brought to Court daily maintaining that the Criminal Court Judges are ever ready and prepared to work.

“The present system whereby inmates from Oba Prisons are brought to Court only on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays is very bad”, she added.