Cause List – Tuesday 21st Feb. 2023
February 21, 2023
Cause List – Tuesday 21st Feb 2023
February 21, 2023
Cause List – Tuesday 21st Feb. 2023
February 21, 2023
Cause List – Tuesday 21st Feb 2023
February 21, 2023






                   ON MONDAY, THE  6TH DAY OF MARCH, 2023

                                                CRIMINAL APPEAL FOR HEARING

  1. AB/9CA/2021:       Tayo Sotunde Vs. C.O.P.

                                 MOTION ON NOTICE

  • M/499/2022:        Oguntoye Samuel Oluwadamilare Vs. Guaranty Trus

                                 Bank & Anor.

                                 DIVORCE CASES FOR HEARING

  • AB/728/2021:      Mrs. Eunice Erhurle Vs. Mr. Kenneth Erhurle.
  • AB/286/2022:      Afolabi Olalekan Vs. Afolabi Ganiyat Abiodun.

                                                CRIMINAL CASES FOR PLEA

  • AB/43C/2021:       The State Vs. Jimoh Hamsat & Anor.
  • AB/21C/2022:       The State Vs. Tunde Sulaimon.

                                 CRIMINAL CASES FOR TRIAL

  • AB/26C/2021:       The State Vs. Peter Idowu.
  • AB/31C/2022:       The State Vs. Linus Michael.

                                 CRIMINAL CASES FOR FURTHER TRIAL

  • AB/27C/2018:       The State Vs. Olufunso Adedolupo.
  • AB/44C/2017:       The State Vs. Samuel Adeleye.
  • AB/42C/2018:       The State Vs. Olubunmi Tajudeen & Anor.

                                  ROBBERYCASE FOR ADOPTION OF ADDRESS

  1. AB/43R/2018:       The State Vs. Ahmed Yusuf & 3 Ors.

                                  ROBBERY CASES FOR TRIAL

  1. AB/33R/2022:       The State Vs. Babatunde Idowu & Anor.
  2. AB/63R/2022:       The State Vs. Folarin Azeez.
  3. AB/35R/2022:       The State Vs. Michael Yemi Alani.

                   ON TUESDAY, THE 7TH DAY OF MARCH, 2023

                                      CIVIL CASE FOR MENTION

  1. AB/643/2022:      Mrs. Adebisi Adepo Vs. Unknown Person.

                                 CIVIL APPEAL CASE FOR HEARING

  • AB/4A/2022:        Ogundele Mattew Ayoola Vs. Lukman Makinde.

                                 FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT PROCEEDING

  • AB/744/2022:      Mr. Adesope Adedamola Vs. C.O.P. Ogun State

                                 & 4 Ors.

                                 MOTION ON NOTICE

  • M/489/2022:        Ogunrinde Adeshina Vs. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.

                                 & Anor.

                                 DIVORCE CASES FOR ADOPTION OF ADDRESS

  • AB/715/2022:      Mr. Adebayo Yusuf Adeniyi Vs. Mrs. Taiwo Sherifat


  • AB/443/2022:      Mrs. Ovia Sarah Brekumoh Vs. Mr. Michael Oyinmiebi.

                                  CRIMINAL CASES FOR TRIAL

  • AB/46C/2022:       The State Vs. Moshood Abeeb.
  • AB/7C/2021:         The State Vs. Sokunbi Oluyinka & Anor.

                                                       ROBBERY CASES FOR TRIAL

  • AB/81R/2021:     The State Vs. Adebowale Sholaja.
  • AB/26R/2022:     The State George Success Uchenna.
  • AB/47R/2022:     The State Vs. Tosin Mosaku & Anor.
  • AB/75R/2022:     The State Vs. Ibrahim Oluwadamilare & 2 Ors.

                                  ROBBERY CASES FOR FURTHER TRIAL

  1. AB/9R/2012:       The State Vs. Godwin Johnson.
  2. AB/59R/2020:     The State Vs. Damilare Ogungbenro & 2 Ors.

                     ON WEDNESDAY THE 8TH DAY OF MARCH, 2023

                               CIVIL CASES FOR MENTION

  1. AB/515/2022:    Oyeyinka Solomon Abiodun Vs. D.S.P. Rukayat


  • AB/607/2022:    Mr. Sikiru Rasheed Osu & 2 Ors. Mr. Babarinde

                          & Anor.

                           CIVIL CASES FOR HEARING

  • AB/377/2022:    Chief Jublil Jayeola & Anor. Vs Oba Ismaila Rasaki


  • AB/692/2022:    Chief Olusoji Kehinde & 2 Ors. Vs. Mr. Seun Somoye

                          & 2 Ors.

  • AB/432/2017:    Mr. Mukaila Sotande & 3 Ors Vs. The Incorporated

                          Trustees of Deeper Life Christian Ministry.

                          MOTION ON NOTICE

  • M/410/2022:      Mr. Mustapha Segun Lawal Vs. Heritage Bank

                          Nig. Limited.

                          ROBBERY CASE FOR PLEA

  • AB/77R/2022:    The State Vs. Azeez Olawale & Anor.

                          ROBBERY CASE FOR TRIAL

  • AB/14R/2016:    The State Vs. Kabiru Jolaoso & Anor.

                          CRIMINAL CASES FOR TRIAL

  • AB/8C/2021:      The State Vs. Kabiru Kareem.
  • AB/64C/2019:    The State Vs. Tajudeen Jimoh Nurudeen.

                                 CRIMINAL CASES FOR FURTHER TRIAL

  1. AB/25C/2022:    The State Vs. Rasaki Akinwunmi
  2. AB/48C/2022:    The State Vs. Peter Taiwo & Anor.
  3. AB/74C/2021:    The State Vs. David Monday.

                       ON THURSDAY THE 9TH DAY OF MARCH, 2023

                                   DIVORCE CASE FOR ADOPTION OF ADDRESS

  1.  AB/641/2022:     Mrs. Stella E. Idiaghe Vs. Mr. Michael A. Idiaghe.

                              DIVORCE CASE FOR HEARING

  •  AB/343/2022:     Mr. Adegboyega Oluiseyi Michael Vs. Mrs. Adegboyega

                              Christianah Odunayo.

                              CRIMINAL APPEAL FOR HEARING

  • AB/8CA/2022:        Jimmy Salako & 2 Ors. Vs. C.O.P.

                                                            MOTION ON NOTICE

  • AB/47C/2019:        The State Vs. Wahab Lawal.

                              CRIMINAL CASES FOR PLEA

  • AB/87C/2022:        The State Vs. Mohammed Umaru.
  • AB/61C/2022:        The State Vs. Abubakar Sodiq & Anor.

                                         CRIMINAL CASES FOR TRIAL

  • AB/72C/2021:                   The State Vs. Kareem Ibrahim

                                 CRIMINAL CASES FOR FURTHER TRIAL

  • AB/15C/2021:                   The State Vs. Tope Ojo.
  • AB/78C/2021:                   The State Vs. Ibrahim Bature.

                               ROBBERY CASES FOR TRIAL

  1. AB/39R/2022:                   The State Vs Yusuf Umar.
  2. AB/80R/2021:                   The State Vs. Aliru Usman.

                                                ROBBERY CASES FOR FURTHER TRIAL

  1. AB/33R/2020:                   The State Vs. Abubakar Yusuf & 5 Ors.
  2. AB/42R/2018:        The State Vs. Usman Aliu

                ON FRIDAY THE 10TH DAY OF MARCH 2023

                                                CRIMINAL CASE FOR ADOTION OF ADDRESS

  1. AB/79C/2021:                   The State Vs. Opeyemi Sulaiman.

                               DIVORCE CASE FOR VIRTUAL HEARING

  1. AB/122/2018:                  Mr. Omokayode Fatiregun Vs. Mr. Falilat Fatiregun.

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