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May 19, 2020
Ogun State Chief Judge commissions Small Claims Court
June 10, 2020

The attention of the Management of Ogun State Judiciary has been drawn to an online article circulated via the NigeriaLawyer.com captioned ‘Ogun State Judge Alleges Threat To Life, Flees Official Residence’. In the side article, it was stated that a ‘relative’ to Hon. Justice Oloyede alleged that the official residence of the Hon. Judge is not not fit to be inhabited by a human being and all requests to get the Ogun State Judiciary to make it habitable for the judge proved abortive. It stated in one breadth that the Hon. Judge now lives in a rented apartment with other tenants in Ota and in another breadth, equally stated that the Hon. Judge commutes from his private residence in Abeokuta to Ota on a daily basis amongst other fabricated lies.

Management wishes to state that, the estate in which the Judges of Ota Judicial Division reside is a well fenced residential premises which has a security post where Policemen are posted to on a 24 hour guard duty.

Secondly, five of the seven Hon. Judges of Ota Judicial Division reside within the estate which equally accommodates all the Magistrates sitting in Ota Magisterial District and some supporting staff. These apartments are well furnished and befitting of the status of the occupiers.

Thirdly, the Hon Justice Oloyede was a former Chief Registrar of the Ogun State Judiciary who before his appointment presided over the renovations and maintenance of the estate and got the Judges Quarters and Court ready for NJC inspection amongst his other duties as the then Chief Registrar. It is therefore surprising to Management to read of such a mischievous complaint coming from a ‘relative” of Hon Justice Oloyede.

Assuming while not conceding that the contents of the article were true, it is not within the knowledge of the Management that Hon Justice Oloyede did write to the Hon. Chief Judge of Ogun State complaining of any inadequacies in his official quarters. It is not within the knowledge of Management also that Hon Justice Oloyede either lives in a rented apartment or commutes on a daily basis from his private residence in Abeokuta to Ota. It is certain and known to Management that Hon Justice Oloyede resides within the estate in Ota.

Finally, on the issue of threat to the life of Hon Justice Oloyede as alleged in the article, Management wishes to state that no report of such threat was made to the Hon. Chief Judge and/or the Police by Hon Justice Oloyede or anybody for that matter to warrant a commensurate action to be taken in that regard.

We hereby call upon the general public to disregard the article as offered by the faceless relative of Hon. Justice oloyede. The Ogun State Judiciarty has at no time taken with levity the security of Hon Judges and the entire staff of the Judiciary and does not intend to start same now as regards any of its personnel.

Finally, it is expected that allegations of this nature ought to be verified by the publisher before dissemination. In order to avoid mischief, cheap, unwarranted publicity and sympathy the publisher ought to get a balanced and robust view before publishing.

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